I have known Harry Lundell, LPC, for over 30 years. He and I have been passionate about learning various psychotherapy techniques, and we have spent hundreds of hours discussing various techniques and methods striving to find methods which are long-lasting and transformational. As he does psychotherapy full-time and I do psychotherapy part-time (mostly patients see me for medical management of psychiatric conditions), he has eclipsed my knowledge and skills. He has a wealth of various skills and frequently attends courses and workshops to learn new methods to add to his very broad foundation of psychotherapy skills. I have referred many difficult patients to him, as he has so many skills and is ethical, competent, and passionate about helping clients move forward.  I give him my strongest recommendation. — Frederick Brown, MD. Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association, Hill Country Mind & Wellness Center, San Antonio

From previous clients

Harry is a very caring and understanding therapist who uses modern and powerful methods to help move you in the direction you choose. Without his experience and knowledge, I would not be the person I am today. — P.K.

I had a problem, and I went to Harry for help. After one session, I can’t remember what the problem was! He’s that good. — M.A.R.

After years of struggling with anxiety and trying many therapies, I went to Harry and finally found a therapy that worked for me. I think the main reason it worked so well and so quickly was the trust that I placed in Harry, a trust that he earned by his calm and thoughtful approach to working with me. I am a believer not only in Harry but the therapies he specializes in. — S.F.

I was referred to Harry by a friend several years ago for assistance with a personal issue.  Since then, I’ve worked with Harry on multiple occasions over the years whenever I had a problem or challenge for which I needed help. In my opinion, Harry is one of the most skilled and capable therapists you will find anywhere. He is always energetic, upbeat and cheerful. Harry is a great listener and always gets to the kernel of the issue. From there, he has incredible technical skill to unwind or unstick the issue, and I’ve found most problems we work on are essentially forgotten in short order. For me, it’s gotten to the point where I always have absolute confidence that, working together, Harry and I can overcome any challenge I bring to him. He works quickly and efficiently without rushing, and often it takes only a single session to resolve a given difficulty. Besides being a warm, generous, fun, and likable human being, Harry has always excelled in delivering amazing results that exceed my expectations. I cannot recommend him more highly. — T.N.